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They’re fresh, they’re vegan and environmentally-friendly! 😍🌿

🆕 shower gels & bubble baths from Ziaja, already available with 4 different, refreshing aromas:
💚 fresh tea mint
💜 Italian fig
💖 moon pitahaya
❤️ red currant

Which one you choose? 🤔 Check out link ➡️ https://en.ziaja.com/products/series/shower-gels-bubble-baths to learn more!
What do you like most about Ziaja cocoa butter shower scrub? 🥰🤍
The way it cleanses the skin? The feeling of smoothness and softness it leaves? Or the amazing scent it has? 🤔
There are many reasons, share with us your own ✨❤️
Being aware of the fact that modern cleansing must come together with effective skin care Ziaja designed 3 foam face washes. 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️

The foams easily combine with sebum and make-up which finally shows direction of successful and mild cleansing with water. 💦💦

Choose your favourite one and enjoy the skin care with Ziaja. ☺️🤍
Get ready for new, fruity, refreshing and vegan goodies in Ziaja offer! 🥳🥳

Fascinating fragrances, light formulas, ingredients that protect the skin microbiome... 🥰❤️

Stay tuned for more info! 🤭🤫
In our offer you will find wide range of make-up removing products dedicated for all skin types needs. 🧖‍♀️

The products effectively cleanse the skin of both waterproof, strong, light and medium-covering make-up.
They contain active ingredients that focus on proper hydration and refreshment of the skin. 💧

Last but not least… most of them are also vegan! 🌿
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Ziaja International Team! 🎃👻
At the end of March 2020, a photovoltaic farm was also launched in Ziaja factory which focused on the production of green energy. 🌱🤍

From the beginning of commissioning, we have generated electricity with the above environmental equivalent. 🌳🌲
In order to support and promote ecology and the care for the planet, in line with the zero-waste movement, we decided to stop using foil for the products already packed in cardboard boxes. 🌱🌍

We believe that every single step towards environment conscious manufacturing and reducing waste matters, and that such decisions, made by more and more companies, will make our world a better place to live in. 🤍🥰