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The composition of energising caffeine, antioxidative fig extract, anti-ageing silicon and alginic acid, moisturising glycosaminoglicans and nourishing, tropical illipe butter – such combination of ingredients responds to all the basic skin care needs. 🧡🧡🧡
What combines the Baltic resorts, a sea breeze, active recreation, spa & wellness rooms and home body care❔🤔

The answer is: Baltic Home Spa Fit - a 🆕 cosmetic line of Ziaja 😍♥️

Baltic Home Spa Fit is a concept for natural body care. 🌿🤍 Almost all the products in the line are based on the formulas with the minimum 90% ingredients of natural origin. 🥰

🌱 vegan formulas,
🌱 biodegradable agents,
🌱 environmentally friendly products
- those are the key ideas of modern cosmetic care with Ziaja!

➡️ Check out products: https://en.ziaja.com/products/series/baltic-home-spa-fit
The formulas of GdanSkin cosmetics focus on bioferments strengthening the skin microbiome, the skin hydration and skin smoothing which is a great alternative in the care of dry and dehydrated skin 💧💧
They also provide an anti-wrinkle action of soluble collagen, contain soothing shrubby everlasting, strengthening white horehound, regenerating water hyssop and natural micronutrients ✨✨
Check out the link to learn more ➡️ https://en.ziaja.com/guides/why-gdanskin
Who has already tried Jeju products? 🤗💙
It’s been over a year since we presented you GdanSkin line 🤗💙
The line was created for our 30th anniversary and was inspired by the coastal climate and the remarkable vibe of city Gdańsk 🥳
Some of its most recognizable places you can find on the lid of the oil body scrub 🤍🤍
Do you know why mouthwashes are so important as the complementary dental care? 🤔
🦷they are able to reach the interdental spaces which the toothbrush can not reach
🦷they help to maintain fresh breath longer
🦷the active ingredients present in the mouthwash operate longer on the surface of the teeth as we do not rinse mouth with water afterwards
Enrich your everyday dental care routine with Ziaja Mintperfect products 🤍
Although face toner and face & body mist often look alike, it is worth noting the differences between these two products 🤔🧐
The mists have higher concentrations of fragrance than toners which is why their main function is to scent and refresh the body 🌸🌸 They are great on hot days when instead of intense perfumes we want to refresh the body with a more delicate aroma ✨✨
The face toners have a lower concentration of perfumery substances than mists. Instead, they contain the ingredients responsible for normalising the skin pH which is supposed to affect its internal balance ☑️☑️ They also contain skin care ingredients with moisturising and soothing properties 💧💧
❕Remember that neither the toner nor the mist have washing properties, therefore they cannot replace the skin cleansing product❕
Don’t forget about proper skin care after sunbathing! ☀️☀️
Remember to use products that will moisturise, nourish your skin or reduce the effects of insufficient protection. 💧💧
Did you now that in ziaja sun line you will find after sun soothing gel that has a calming effect and brings immediate relief to irritated skin ❔❔
And do you want this healthy summer glow to last longer? ✨✨
If so, reach for after sun tan prolonger, that will significantly prolong the tan, deepen its shade, moisturise and nourish the skin. ✔️✔️